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2012-2013: Enjoy Your Service
2011-2012: Celebrate Service / 2010-2011: Our Future Starts Today

2013 Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program Support Letter

KCCP Website

Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program

Where Do I Send My KCCP Donation?

****KCCP Flyer****

KCCP Banner Patch Form

***KCCP Bookmark Club Info Templates*** - or Horizontal

2010 - The Cure

Kiwanis Children's Cancer Cure Proclamation for Mayors (Word)

The Cure Proclamation Signed by the PNW Governor & Governor-Elect (PDF)

KCCP Banner Patch Guidelines (PDF)


2009-2010: We Love to Serve

2008-2009: Kiwanis - Next is Now!

2007-2008: Challenge to Grow - Challenge to Serve

Information Flyer


2006-2007: Young Children Priority One...Seniors Too!

2005-2006: Together We Can

2004-2005: Planting For Growth!

Watering Can Graphic

Planting For Growth Theme Logo

Green & Growing Award

Got Growth 2004-2005 Award

2003-2004: Books, Reading &Literacy

2002-2003: Commitment Counts

2001-2002: Catch The Dream

2000-2001: From The Heart